J & B // Our Wedding

Justin and I got married on September of 2013 at John U Lloyd State Park, only 15 minutes aways from our house. We met in January and married 8 months after. Crazy, I know, but remember what I said about following your heart? This was the best decision I ever made and I bet Justin feels the same way.

We decided to do something small. Like, really really small – meaning just the two of us, our awesome pastor and my dearest friend Gilcelia. Gil is the reason I know Justin, she (and Eddie) introduced us, she’s a close friend and she’s an amazing photographer. What else could ask for? The reason for a small wedding ceremony was mainly because everything happened so fast. Also because it was the second marriage/wedding for the both of us and we wanted to keep it as simple and real as possible. That’s how we live our lives anyways. We wanted something extremely intimate and personal. We didn’t want to spend money or worry about much. I even wore a dress I already had. Of course our closest family didn’t really love the idea but they were understanding.

I have to say that being just the two of us made everything extra special – our love and relationship is what really matters and that’s what we wanted to focus on. That might sound a little unusual coming from me, a wedding photographer, but again, I was just following my heart and doing what made sense for us at the time. Okay, I confess that every time I shoot a wedding and I see the mother and groom dance, the father and daughter dance and all the family together having a good time, that makes me want to have a big wedding. We might wait to do it again on our 5th or 10th wedding anniversary, or even on our 50th anniversary. Anyways, these pictures were all taken by the amazing brazilian-american-french Gilcelia. Big thanks to her and our Pastor Ken who we love very much. Cheers!

Bianca_Justin_Wedding-21Bianca_Justin_Wedding-26Bianca_Justin_Wedding-89Bianca_Justin_Wedding-182Bianca_Justin_Wedding-189Bianca_Justin_Wedding-208Bianca_Justin_Wedding-230Bianca_Justin_Wedding-265Bianca_Justin_Wedding-323Bianca_Justin_Wedding-325Bianca_Justin_Wedding-327Bianca_Justin_Wedding-337Bianca_Justin_Wedding-346Bianca_Justin_Wedding-373Bianca_Justin_Wedding-399Bianca_Justin_Wedding-414Bianca_Justin_Wedding-494Bianca_Justin_Wedding-520Bianca_Justin_Wedding-557Bianca_Justin_Wedding-462Bianca_Justin_Wedding-473Bianca_Justin_Wedding-362(Oh, don’t mind my beautiful (not!) tan lines – I was training for NYC Marathon at the time so I was running outdoors a lot and in South Florida is a little hard to run away from the sun. Not that I’m complaining.)

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